The Project’ Emergency Support for the Disaster Risk Reduction Measures and Immediate Relief for the victims of landslides and floods in Idukki and Ernakulam District in the various  Thaluks. The operational areas of Sevakiran are those heavily affected by Landslides causing damage destroying houses, damaging crops, shops, domestic animals and work implements which were occurred on different months of 2013 & 2014. Immediate assistance extended to Landslides victims in the worst affected areas especially in the operational area of Sevakiran. The Sevakiran volunteers done an instant rescue work immediately after the disaster and simultaneously conducted the data collection of these victims.     

Our disaster management team consists of 200 volunteers who are ready to work selflessly in any emergency situation. Our team is called Sevakiran Disaster Management And Rescue Team  (SMART).

Major Task of the SMART are as follows 
 Preparedness- early intervention trainings
 Disaster risk reduction measures at disaster locations
 Awareness programmes for the general public towards disaster preparedness
 Rehabilitation and development of resilience among disaster affected communities
 Healthcare management of disaster affected communities