The Sevakiran Charitable Society has been registered under the Travancore-Cochin literary Scientific and Charitable Society Act with the registration No. ER-548/11. Sevakiran is working with the objective of integrated and overall development of the society, with specific orientation to their social cultural and economic fields. By deriving inspiration from Indian heritage, epics, culture and traditions, Sevakiran propose to usher in a world of equality, justice and fraternity in our society, for which a large number of volunteers are working without any profit motive and are committed to achieve our goals. The inauguration of Sevakiran Charitable Society was held on 28th June 2011 and an executive committee of 13 members was constituted to lead the organization. Till then; we remain a ray of hope for the marginalized and less privileged groups of the society and a potential source of services for the needy.

A group of service minded people organized Sevakiran, realizing the scope of abundant natural resources and talented population with high potential, which was unexplored; that could be utilized for national reconstruction by improving the lifestyle of masses, by protecting the rights and welfare of marginalized population and inspiring them to fulfill the obligations with social equality..


"To serve the poor, marginalized and unorganized sections of the society bringing harmony through promoting and strengthening them towards sustainable development "


" Integrated and sustainable society with humane values demonstrated through care; spreading the bliss of prosperity , empowerment and wisdom"

Areas of intervention