" Serve Tribal’s - Preserve Forest - Stabilize Nature "

 All the tribal villages are facing lack of infrastructure; provsions for income, lack of education, lack of awareness about health habits and likewise. We provide support in all these areas on identified set of needs; 

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SWESTI - Sevakiran Women Empowerment Society for Total Integrity

             Women Empowerment can be viewed as means of creating a social environment in which one can make decisions and make choices either individually or collectively for social transformation.

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The main objective of Pragathi Balabhavan is to provide good shelter and homely care to the children who are denied their precious childhood and rightful education for no fault of theirs. We believe that with proper guidance and value based education we can mould the children in to true patriots and good citizens with academic and professional excellence. We are arranging teachers and providing trainings to the students, in Music,

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" Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. "

                  Sevakiran is enthusiastic in promoting value based education which leads to the overall development of students thus accelerating the development of nation.  With this motive, Sevakiran took over the 25 year old Vivekananda vidyalayam, in 2014. Vivekananda vidyalayam is situated in the heart of

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Ashakiran counseling center is a project of Sevakiran charitable society started on 6th NOVEMBER 2011. We have a unique mission and system to serve people in need. To empower the community through counseling services. Ashakiran counseling center help the individual to overcome their immediate problem and also equip them to meet future problems and expectation.

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The Project’ Emergency Support for the Disaster Risk Reduction Measures and Immediate Relief for the victims of landslides and floods in Idukki and Ernakulam District in the various  Thaluks. The operational areas of Sevakiran are those heavily affected by Landslides causing damage destroying houses, damaging crops, shops, domestic animals and work implements which were occurred on different months of 2013 & 2014. Immediate assistance extended to Landslides victims in the worst affected areas especially in the operational area of Sevakiran.

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.The forum is working to create awareness among the public and to make speedy arrangements for blood for the poor and needy patients under cretical conditions such as accidents, surgeries etc. We maintain a blood donation forum of volunteers among the youth and has donated hundreds of units of blood every year.

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The main aim of this project would be to impart the practical and functional training of Ashtanga Yog, Raj Yog, Dhayan Yog, Hath Yog, Ashan and Pranayam etc. as received from the ancient tradition propounded by the Rishis and Munis to make an end of extreme sufferings to cure diseases and to receive a calm state of mind and extreme happiness.

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COVID-19 Community Spread Preventive Initiatives

In response to the present situation of Covid 19 started our voluntary activities since the month of March 2020 . We are preparing and distributing hand sanitizer, hand washing lotions, and masks for the needy people, setting up hand washing facilities in different places. Sanitization activities are progressing in different public places of Kothamangalam in association with Kothamangalam municipality and Fire & Rescue Kothamangalam. Till now we distributed more than 3000 units of masks, 200 units of hand wash lotion, 100 units of hand sanitizers and installed 15 units of handwashing facilities. These activities are progressing and we are planning to do more in the coming days. The stitching of masks, preparation of hand sanitizers, lotions, etc is going on. Sourcing of grocery items and other necessary items are also happening and planning to start the distribution to the needy people.

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