Ashakiran counseling center is a project of Sevakiran charitable society started on 6th NOVEMBER 2011. We have a unique mission and system to serve people in need. To empower the community through counseling services. Ashakiran counseling center help the individual to overcome their immediate problem and also equip them to meet future problems and expectation. We help the counselee become obtaining self actualization, self realization, and fully functioning person.  Ashakiran counseling center implemented new counseling approaches for overcome mental health problems through modern treatment like Reiki Healing, Psycho Pranic Healing

 Individual counseling
 Family counseling
 Pre-marital counseling
 Substance dependence and behavioral disorder counseling
 Career guidance support
Ashakiran Training and Support Unit (ATSU)
Ashakiran counseling center promote positive change in individual through our Ashakiran Training and Support Unit (ATSU). We provide training on soft skills, parenting, personality development ,leadership and communication, human right and child right, teachers training, career development, health and environment and also promote de addiction campaign, youth credibility training, summer camps, technical training camps for student and adult through professionally experienced resource person
Outreach Tribal counseling Service (ORTCS)
Ashakiran counseling centre implemented outreach tribal counseling services in tribal settings to empower youth and family to conquer their problems in day to day life.  For effective counseling service we appointed 4 trained volunteers in tribal settlement. We ensure the follow up service through house visit of thrice in a week.