The main objective of Pragathi Balabhavan is to provide good shelter and homely care to the children who are denied their precious childhood and rightful education for no fault of theirs. We believe that with proper guidance and value based education we can mould the children in to true patriots and good citizens with academic and professional excellence. We are arranging teachers and providing trainings to the students, in Music, Art and drawings with a vision and mission of good efficient pupils of our society, we provided an environment of yoga, meditation etc. to the students staying with Pragathi Balabhavan. The students are being provided with hygienic protein rich diet as advised by medical officers and dieticians.

We are mentoring the children by Protecting, Encouraging, Inspiring, Guiding and supporting them to improve their capabilities to face the fast changing and challenging social scenarios.

 Institutional and day care services for children at Pragathy
 Rehabilitation of Abandoned Children from Marginalized communities
 Advocacy services to protect Children's Rights
 Support programmes for children in difficult circumstances of domestic violence