" Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. "

                  Sevakiran is enthusiastic in promoting value based education which leads to the overall development of students thus accelerating the development of nation.  With this motive, Sevakiran took over the 25 year old Vivekananda vidyalayam, in 2014. Vivekananda vidyalayam is situated in the heart of Kothamangalam at Thankalam . The main objective of this institution is to deliver quality education. Vivekananda vidyalayam is affiliated to bharathiya vidya nikethan and accredited to NIOS. Drawing inspiration from our heritage and culture and with a holistic approach which includes Yoga, Meditation and Sanskrit apart from curriculum.

We introduced new innovations to improve the extracurricular activities of the children like Yoga, Physical Education, Music, Sanskrit etc. We are providing training classes for capacity building of children towards higher exams like IAS by the VIAS Academy.  Health Card, Daily Routine Card, Skill Development programs, Reading Corner, Observation of important days etc are maintained for the holistic development of children.

 Programmes with special focus on the girl child
 Developing a national system of education with values and culture
 Facilitating education of tribal children to develop a society of responsible citizens
 Honouring Children for Bravery
 Honouring artistic talents of children
 Seminars and symposiums for the holistic development of children and parents